Finally ready to do the work…

Posted On January 30, 2008

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Up to the point, I have

1.recorded the tags for one week on Connotea & CiteULike

2. determined the duplicate tags (those that appear in both websites on the same day)

3. found the MeSH category for each tag (not just the duplicates)  using the MeSH Browser, 2008 edition

4. decided to use tags that were categorized as MeSH Headings for the rest of the project (=25 tags)

5. used PubMed Limits to find number of citations attached to each tag for 5 different time periods (60/90/180 days, 1 year, any date), that were published in English and are freely full-text available on PubMed (Google doc  entitled “# of articles-duplicate tags-MeSH Headings)

6. downloaded GreaseMonkey to find connotea/citeUlike tagged items on PubMed

Next step – to see how many PubMed citations were tagged by Connotea/CiteULike users…


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