Steps 2 & 3

Posted On January 27, 2008

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Step 2 – Done.  I investigated the MeSH Browser for each tag.  Some interesting discoveries: the word “ehealth” is not yet included in MeSH.  Hm, wonder why? 

Step 3 – I started today with 2 tags.  First – I rechecked the tag in PubMed mesh.  (The annotations/scope notes were impossible to find there.)  I used the “send to” box to send the item to PubMed (Search box with AND).  I then added limits – English language, free full text & published in the last 30/60 days, depending on when the items were added to PubMed.

Because I spent time playing around with Step 3, I spent lots of time working on the project.  I found that items in CiteULike are found on Google by searching the article title.  Not so the Connotea tagged items; I still have to search that website.


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